Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
Benjamin Franklin, Meriden CT Elementary School
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Meriden CT Elementary Schools, Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin
Elementary School

426 West Main St.
Meriden, CT 06451
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Arrival and Dismissal

Benjamin Franklin Elementary School Arrival/Dismissal


  •  Students should arrive no earlier than 8:45.  There is no adult supervision outside building before the 8:45 bell.
  •  Students may proceed to the cafeteria or in the hallway by the media center to purchase breakfast and/or make payments on their account.
  •  Kindergarten students are to report to the kindergarten hallway. Their breakfast is delivered to their classrooms.
  •  Students in grade1 will wait in the first grade hallway after getting breakfast in the hallway by the media center.
  •  Students in grades 2-3 will wait in the hallway by their classrooms after getting their breakfast in the hallway by the media center.
  •  Students in grades 4-5 will report to the cafeteria for breakfast and bring it to their classroom.
  •  Students who arrive after the 8:55 bell must report to the office.


  •  Van students will be escorted to  their vans at dismissal.  Teachers will keep all bus students in their classrooms until their bus number is called.
  •  Walkers are dismissed via the West Main Street kindergarten wing or the back of the school to redbridge.
  •  Parents are strongly encouraged to use the rear parking lot when picking up their children..




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