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Meriden CT Elementary Schools, Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin
Elementary School

426 West Main St.
Meriden, CT 06451
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Ben Franklin Retail Registrations


Help support Ben Franklin School by…….SHOPPING!!

Ben Franklin is registered with 4 local stores to gain rewards

for school supplies and equipment.  Here’s how it works:

-  Register your Big Y and Target Card(s)

at the websites indicated below or inquire at the customer service department at the store.

-          For Stop & Shop and ShopRite,

-          you can either register your cards at the websites indicated below,

-          or complete the form and return it to school in your child’s backpack.

** Don’t forget to ask friends & family to register their cards as well

to support Ben Franklin School..…especially Grandma & Grandpa!**



1)    Big Y – Education Express Program

Go to 

Select Ben Franklin School and follow procedures



2)    Target  Take Charge of Education

Register your Target VISA Credit Card, Target Credit Card or Target

Debit Card, register your card for Ben Franklin education points:



3)    STOP & SHOP  A+ Education Rewards program

Last Name: _____________________________

Stop & Shop Card Number (all 13 numbers):______________________

Or register your card at and click on the

‘School Account Totals’ under the A+ section

**Signing up for A+ Rewards will not change your gas points!!**


4)    ShopRite for Education

Card Name:  ____________________________

Card Number: ___________________________

(all 12 numbers)

Or register your card at








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